Pen Design

Crocodile farming has many different variants on pen design, each one corresponding to the crocodile's age and size, we can offer designs that we know will work from hatchlings grow outs breeders and single pens.

Animal Husbandry

Due to the large numbers of animals involved in farming good husbandry is critical, from heating to land and water areas to knowing numbers per pen can determine the success or failure of a farm.

Food and Supplements

Crocodile diet may seem a simple process, however, growth rates and disease can be greatly affected by the wrong diet.

Skin Markets and Grading

Having worked on many farms I can give feedback on all grading techniques used by skin buyers, and how you should market your skins

Egg Collection

To start a farm you need stock and for this, you need eggs, wild collection or captive breeding? we can give you do's and don’ts to both.

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